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Has “The Little Mermaid” Worldview Infected Your Home?

Entertainment is always teaching a worldview.  No matter what you listen to or watch, the things we are putting into our ears and eyes are teaching us foundational worldview truths.  Is it the Christian Worldview that you want to be taught?  Think about the movies that you put in front of your kids.  The are so much more than just entertainment….they are shaping and molding them as well!

Take for instance “Cars” the movie.

Cars was a 2006 Pixar Production full of positive worldview truths that we would agree with and embrace as Christians.  Loyalty, responsibility for

actions, and even compassion for those in need…those themes popped up often in Cars.  Children watching movies like this would not only be entertained but would also have their Biblical Worldview strengthened along the way.  I’m not saying that it was a ‘Christian’ movie, only that the worldview supported within the movie would support a Biblical Worldview perspective.

However, not all children’s movies are created equal!!  In a previous article (7 Life Lessons You Need to Teach Your Kids) I mentioned a secular worldview that is shoved right into the faces our children; I refer to this as the “Little Mermaid Syndrome.”  The Little Mermaid was a 1989 Disney film about a young ‘mermaid’ that wanted to have normal legs so she could walk on land and find her one true love.  Have you ever paused to see that even an animated movie about a mermaid is teaching your child?

The Little Mermaid Syndrome/Worldview

In my opinion, the The Little Mermaid was probably one of the worst animated films of that era when it comes to a Secular Humanistic Worldview.  How bad, you ask?

Well, The Little Mermaid teaches us that…

If you disobey your parents,

reject their wisdom,

listen to your heart,

neglect your responsibilities,

give in to peer pressure,

run away from home,

go to your enemies for help,

be discontent with who you are,

change your appearance,

chase after friendships,

and deceive people into thinking you are something you are not


in the end you will save the day, 

be the hero, 

be finally appreciated for who you are, 

will understood by your parents, 

and will of course be loved by all for being both beautiful on the inside and outside.

This is ‘Little Mermaid Syndrome’ is being played out in homes all across America because parents have allowed entertainment to establish their children’s worldview.  Please don’t be so naive to think that your children aren’t being influenced by the entertainment that you put in front of them!  

A Few Other Examples

If you are 10 years or older you remember the The Lion King!  While the film does teach some good morals, consider these themes found within the movie.

“Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. They will always be there to guide you… and so will I.”

“Simba, everything you see exists together in a delicate balance,” says Mufasa. “As king, you will need to understand that balance and respect all creatures because we are all connected in the great circle of life.”

Even an innocent movie like Pocahontus is filled with themes of spiritism and nature worship….the mountains, trees, and the wind…everything is filled with the “colors of the wind” and will guide you if you just listen to them!

It takes discernment!

 Parents, it takes great discernment to navigate the waters of a sinful culture with your children, however God doesn’t expect us to do something for which he doesn’t also equip us!  He has equipped us with His Word, with the Holy Spirit, and with the discretion that comes from daily interaction with culture and Scripture.  Your kids need you to take on this worldview challenge.  Their future depends on it!!

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DJHarry               Isaiah 64:8               We are the clay!

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