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27 Life Skills Your Kids Need!

“Kids these days!!”  Have you ever heard that?…Have you every said that??!!

Kids These Days

“Kids these days don’t know how to do anything!”  I heard these words not too long ago from an employer who was responsible for hiring part-time help for is company.  His struggle was that he would hire someone to work and they lacked the even the most basic skills needed to get the job done.  They could not complete a task unless someone was right there holding their hand (rhetorically speaking) and walking them through every step.

A Generation of Workers

When did we become so ‘unskilled’?  In the past two weeks I have visited three different aging church members that were in hospice or were unresponsive.  All three of them were constantly moving their hands, even while unresponsive!  One dear lady was grabbing the sheet between her fingers and ‘sewing’ and one man was reaching out and ‘working’ on ‘equipment’ that was in front of him.  These dear folks represent a generation of people who knew how to use their hands to work!

life skills

Life  Skills

Are you teaching your kids how to work or will they grow up dependent on others to survive?  Here is a list of 27 life skills that your kids need to learn in order to be successful! (If you are interested, here is an article that deals with ‘bratty’ behavior and how you might be encouraging it!)

Personal Hygiene…Dear Parents, for the sake of all humanity, it you teach them anything teach them these!

1. brush teeth – No one likes bad breath or a dirty mouth.

2. posture/body language – Teach them that their posture communicates!

3. eat properly – Teach proper manners at the table.

4. body odor – If you think it is bad when they are young, just wait.  It gets worse!!  Help them understand that a changing body has changing needs.

5. washing hands – Keep those hands clean to help keep sickness away!

6. Laundry, ironing clothes – As they get older you will appreciate it when they can take care of their own ironing!

Maintenance…Your kids need to be confident enough to solve the problems that confront them.

1. how to cook – Start with the small stuff and let them be creative!

2. set and read a thermostat – Help them know what the numbers mean.

3. mow the lawn – This one is age specific, of course.

4. check the oil, gas in the car, tire pressure – One day they will need to know

these things!

5. basic auto maintenance – If you have a young man, teach them to be a fixer!  It will save them a lot of cash in their future.

6. tool identification – They need to know what a wrench, socket, ratchet, screwdriver, and ….. (the list could go on).

7. change a light bulb – It seems simple but there is a first time for everything!

8. vacuum a floor – They can help keep their room vacuumed.

9. wash and dry dishes – If they are young, they can learn to help clear the table.

Work Skills…Your kids need to know how to get the job done!

1. how to clean up – As in, how to pick up the loose ends when a job is finished.

2. be on time – Teach them always plan on being early!

3. finish a job – Never quit till the job is done.

4. put things away – Everything has a place.

5. care of other people’s property – Treat other people’s stuff just like it was your own!

Finances…Teach them early how to handle money properly.

1. learn to give – We should be compassionate to those in need.

2. how to save money – A wise man plans ahead, not knowing what tomorrow holds!

3. value of a dollar – Money doesn’t grow on trees but comes from hard work!

4. recycling – We are to be good stewards of the resources God gives us.

Personal Relationship…How do they deal with people?

1. hand shake – Ok guys, make it firm!  This isn’t a joke…they need to be

confident enough to put their hand out and make that personal contact with others!

2. eye contact – People won’t trust you if you don’t look them in the eyes.

3. speak to be heard – Teach your kids to speak up!!  There is a world out there that needs to be able to hear them!

Make A Plan!

Print this off and stick it on your refrigerator.  Pick one or two skills a week and focus on helping you children grow and mature in these areas.  Before too long, your children will be headed off to experience their own life and it will be too late!

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DJHarry                Isaiah 64:8                We are the clay!

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