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Divorced...and Remarried to the Same Person!

Is "divorced and remarried to the same person" really a possibility?

Can God take a broken that ended in separation and divorce...and bring that husband and wife back together? The answer is "Yes!"

Meet David and Erin Jeffreys. David and Erin were living the typical married life...with kids, a dog, and plenty of distractions. They met at a Christian college and quickly moved into full time church ministry after graduation.

Their marriage, however, was lacking in major areas. These "blindspots" became major issues and soon ended with a bitter separation that looked to be permanent.

Was God done with this marriage? As you watch this video you will learn how people invested into their lives and were willing to walk with them through the "dangerous" waters of reconciliation.

Can God take a broken marriage and bring about restoration? Yes!

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