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Salvation Through the Eyes of a Prodigal

Standing as the most intricate of Christ’s parables, Luke 15 is the most vivid and prominent illustration of salvation in all of the Scriptures! The Parable of the Prodigal Son is a story with intricate cultural dynamics, deep and raw emotions, as well as a spiritual depth unrivaled among the other parables. It is a story of rebellion and disobedience, repentance and confession, forgiveness and restoration.


Through this parable, Jesus Christ puts salvation on brilliant display through the repentance of the younger son, the unmerited favor of his father, and the inward rebellion of the older brother. As you take this journey with me, we will carefully consider Christ’s teaching and allow His words to direct our understanding of:

*Original sin
*Human depravity
*Man's will vs God's will
*The prayer of faith
*Restoration to fellowship

Jesus illustrates each of these truths through a complex yet riveting narrative of a wayward son’s journey to restoration with his father. My prayer is that our study through Luke 15 will strengthen your faith and allow you to see Salvation Through the Eyes of a Prodigal!




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Raising your children in a bubble is an's just not a good option! Many children grow up learning the ‘what’ of their belief system.  They know ‘what’ they believe through constant teaching, training, and exposure to God’s Word.  Knowing the ‘what’ is only foundational, however, to knowing the ‘why’ of your Biblical faith. Knowing the ‘what’ allows your children to stand on Biblical facts and Truth. Knowing the ‘why’ allows them to take those truths and apply them to areas of culture that are quickly changing.  


This demands that you teach and practice discernment with your children.  This demands that you discuss areas of culture that might be uncomfortable to discuss but are fast becoming bedrock issues within our culture. That is what we cover in this book...practical tips to helping your child develop a Christian Worldview by helping you, as their parent, learn to engage in conversation and guide them along the way.


I hope this book will be beginning of your journey of Christian Worldview Parenting!

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