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Abortion Angers Me! Here’s Why.

The cry of a newborn is a very special thing!!

I heard two very moving stories this week that reminded me about the precious nature of new life and the tragedy of abortion.  One was about a local couple that was around 29 weeks along.  She had recently found out she had a small tear in her placenta.  The doctors cleared her to go home to rest, hoping that the baby would have a few more weeks to develop before being born.  That didn’t happen!  She and her husband were out this past week and she not only went into labor, but delivered their 2 pound/8 ounce child right in her car!  The EMS quickly arrived and carried the mother and newborn to the hospital where they both are in stable condition.

Two (make that three!) Special People

Emily McGinnis Photography

I also was proud to hear of a special couple that had their first child this past week.  Nick and Lauren Gilmore were youth group kids in my early years of ministry.  I took them both on missions trips, to camp, and saw God work in both of their lives separately, and then together as they began building their life together.  Not long ago Lauren and Nick found out that they were expecting and it was a thrill to hear that she delivered their firstborn on Monday.  Graham Elliot Gilmore!

Life is precious, Abortion is treacherous

Through those two events this week I was reminded how special life is to believers.  There is a love for the helpless and innocent that an immoral and godless culture struggles to understand.  My heart hurts for our nation when I consider how many children are taken in their innocence every day.  God, please be merciful to us for our wickedness.

I would like to share with you four foundational reasons that I am against abortion.  Please understand that this isn’t a Scriptural or scientific treatise on why life begins at conception.  I absolutely do believe that, and will share my thoughts on that in a future post.  This is, however, a list of reasons why taking that human life in the womb, to me, is unthinkable.

1. Image of God

Emily Mcginnis Photography

To begin with, there is a sanctity of life that only belongs in those created in God’s image.  The Genesis wording for image literally means ‘representative’ or ‘idol.’  We are the one and only representative of God among all of his creation, made after his own likeness.  Genesis 9:6-7 goes on to clarify that as the ‘image bearer’ of Jehovah there is a sacredness to the life of mankind.  In the same way that I would never destroy a picture of my wife because she is special, it should be unthinkable to intentionally take the life of God’s image bearer.  Abortion does just that.

2. Life of the innocent

I do not speak of innocence here in regards to sin or the sin nature.  I hope you recognize that all of mankind is born with a inherited sin nature (Romans 5). I’m referring here to the innocence attributed to those whose lives are being taken only through the selfish choice of another person. Let me be clear.  I am both angry and disturbed at the immoral direction our country has taken in regards to the sanctity of life.  While being angry, I am at the same time heartbroken over the suffering and pain callously afflicted on the unborn through abortion.

3. Lost potential

Not only is there a personal loss through abortion, there is a cultural and social

effect as well.   Our country has lost out on an incredible resource of potential through our calloused choice to support aborting the unborn.  How many doctors, scientists, welders, farmers, engineers, craftsmen, artists….so much lost potential!  So much that could have been accomplished that has been lost forever….and we will never know what they could have done in their lifetimes!

4. Lost opportunities

This evening we were sitting in the living room and my oldest daughter was laughing hysterically at me and my antics. (this happens often!)  I walked over after a few minutes and quietly put my arm around her.  “Katelyn, I want you to know that I really enjoy the time we spend laughing and having fun.  I’m going to really miss having you around when you go to college next year.  It won’t be the same without you!”  I recognize that the time I have with Katelyn is short, I don’t want to miss any opportunity to spend time with her.

It is sad how many parents have missed out the special times with their children, laughing and crying, loving and hurting, playing and working together….because they chose to abort their precious gift from God.  They were convinced in their mind that it was only a ‘choice.’

Thank you Nick and Lauren for choosing to honor God by honoring life of your child!

DJHarry                 Isaiah 64:8                We are the clay

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